We specialise in packaging factories, machines and technological lines for sea, road and air transport. Packing machines and heavy equipment is complicated and difficult, and requires the highest level of caution as well as provision of safety requirements to protect the loads. It is undoubtedly a task for specialists with broad experience. Our services are performed in line with HPE standards (standards on complex packaging of goods in intercontinental transport).

Our company is able to carry out the most complicated assignment from the design phase to the loading part. Industrial packaging service can be performed at any place designated by the client, including outside Poland. The load is appropriately secured against moving, mechanical damage, dust, moisture and corrosion.

Our service includes the packaging of:
- steel constructions (cranes, lifts, bridge spans, constructions of warehouses and factories),
- complete production and assembly lines (belt conveyors, industrial robots, extruders, computers, control cabinets, electric and hydraulic lines),
- heavy elements (presses, turbines, engines, steel blocks, sheets),
- oversize loads (wind turbines, containers, elements of oil and gas pipelines),
- vehicles (boats, cars, agriculture and military machines),
- glass elements (glass sheets, solar panels, glazed machines),
- non-standard elements of construction and fitting,
- as well as any other goods selected by our clients.